Increase Safety and Decrease Damage!

“In every wholesaler-distributor operation, stacks, bundles and rolls of raw material and finished products of various shapes, sizes and weights must be moved. Excessive and inefficient material handling eats into productivity and profits. And manual material handling opens the door to the risk of costly employee injuries.”

NAW News, Forklift Safety Awareness – May 2008

Manual Material Handling Lifting Incidents

Although forklifts are used to transfer goods from the trailer to the warehouse and goods within the warehouse, there is manual material handling. Claims data reveals losses from manual lifting of stacks, bundles, rolls of raw materials, and finished products of various shapes, sizes and weights.

Lifting is associated with back and shoulder injuries involving excessive bending, twisting and reaching for product as in the picking process, and trailer unloading. Excessive and inefficient material handling reduces productivity and business profits.

CNA-Risk Control-Industry Guide Series-2008

How Our Products Make Your Job Safer

The Pro-Safe Lift 3500 has been tested and rated using ASME Standard b30.29 and is clearly labeled with capacity and restrictions. For more info or details, please contact us.

The Pro-Safe Lift 3500 decreases or eliminates exposure to damages and injuries associated with hand loading and hand unloading palletized materials or pushing pallets onto vehicles.

The BOULDER BUDDY is the safe, smart and simple solution for moving large rocks and boulders up to 4000 pounds!

Better than Hand Loading Pallets

After a supplier determines that they are unable to load your vehicle with a forklift, the slow process of hand loading the material exposes people to strained backs, busted fingers and toes, and possibly worse. It will be the same slow, dangerous process when you get to the job site!

The hand loaded material may now be unstable.

While hand loading, damage to trucks and trailers can occur in the form of scratches, dents and broken windows. That just made this trip to the supplier even more expensive!