Our products are USA and Internationally Patented and Patent Pending!!

The Pro-Safe Lift 3500 is patented technology that safely and efficiently lifts and moves pallets without damaging the pallets. Most importantly, the patented system can be deployed and retracted in confined spaces, no other pallet lifting device can do both!

US Patents D741,564 S, D743,664 S, 9,187,293 B2

The patented technology creates a load bearing surface that lifts the pallets just like the forks of a forklift so it doesn’t leave you with a pallet that’s destroyed costing you the deposit on the pallet and possibly making it impossible to move that pallet again. A broken pallet can result in an unstable and dangerous load!

Note: A regular strap, chains or rope can cause damage to the pallets and allow the load to shift creating a dangerous scenario.

The patented technology in this pallet lift system allows a pallet to be placed into the bed of a truck, high-sided trailer or over obstacles (or any other confined space) and the lift system to be removed with clearances of less than 12”. Your forked machine can work in close quarters!!

Note: Other solid bar sling systems require approximately 4 feet of clearance to deploy and retract!